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Katrina Williams

Expert in assessment and treatment of:


Vestibular Pathologies including

Menieres disease

Acoustic Neuromas / Schwarnomas

Neuritis / Neuronitis



3PD - Chronic Dizziness / Vertigo

Unexplained imbalance 

Unexplained dizziness

Neurological Pathologies including but not limited to: 

Parkinsons Disease

Multiple Sclerosis


Cerebellar ataxias - disorders


Myasthenia Gravis 

Traumatic Brain Injuries 

Balance loss with ageing

We are happy to work with you to find the answers to your symptoms and then provide guidance and rehabilitation to manage or resolve them. This may include expanding your medical team to specialists and obtaining further assessment.

Katrina is the director and principal of UpRight Physiotherapy.


She graduated from the University of Queensland in 1993 with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy and is the only specialist neurological physiotherapist (Fellow of the Australian Physiotherapy College),  in Australia with a combined expertise in vestibular (dizziness) pathologies and rehabilitation.


Her extensive career has taken her around the world working in eminent fields of rehabilitation, including working with Riverdance and Lord of the Dance in Ireland. Upon returning to Australia in 1997, Katrina completed a Post-graduate Masters of Applied Science in Neurological Physiotherapy followed by completion of her Specialisation exams in 2008 to successfully be admitted to the Australian College of Physiotherapists as one of the first Specialist Neurological Physiotherapists in Australia. 


Experience and skill

Since 1997 she has been working with varied neurological and vestibular pathologies through her work at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, The Multiple Sclerosis Society ACT/VIC/NSW and the Neurological Ageing and Balance Clinic (UQ) all as the lead neurological physiotherapist.  Katrina has furthered her knowledge in Vestibular Rehabilitation by attending several exam-based courses in Vestibular Rehabilitation conducted by Professor Susan Herdman USA (2010), as well as an advanced vestibular training course in Melbourne, Gold Coast and Sydney. She is a frequently invited speaker in the fields of vestibular and neurological rehabilitation around Australia and Asia.


Katrina is passionate about delivering quality vestibular and neurological services to those who are dizzy, imbalanced and have difficulty moving about. Katrina is an active researcher at the University of Queensland as part of the Neurological, ageing and balance research centre team with several publications in the area of neurological and vestibular pathologies. She us currently completing a PhD investigating the impact of the sensory system including vestibular, on balance and function in persons with Multiple Sclerosis. She is a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association and APA Neurology Special Interest Group and is the immediate past president of the Queensland APA Branch.

Service Excellence

Katrina uses state of the art vestibular and balance testing including infra-red video technology goggles (VNG),  video head impulse testing (VHit), balance platforms and virtual reality to provide a thorough vestibular and neurological assessment to determine the likely cause of dizziness/vertigo, imbalance and fatigue and delivers an individualised treatment program to minimise these symptoms.  

-Specialist Neurological Physiotherapist FACP (2008 - as awarded by the Australian College of Physiotherapy

Advanced Vestibular Physiotherapist 

-Masters of Applied Science - Physiotherapy Neurological University of Syndey

-Bachelor of Physiotherapy University of Queensalnd

-Graduate Certificate in Higher Education University of Sydney 

Ethan graduated from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy and Honours in research.


Since graduation, Ethan has gained experience at major tertiary hospitals including The Prince Charles and Toowoomba Base Hospitals. Ethan has experience with a variety of clinical presentations from his time working in Acute Neuro and Rehabilitation, Orthopaedics, Intensive care and Emergency departments. He currently works at the University of Queensland as the principle Clinical Educator at the Neurological, Ageing and Balance Clinic as well as operating in the Vestibular clinic and overseeing undergraduate neurological practicals. Ethan has a particular interest in neurological rehabilitation and concussion. Playing rugby league in the Brisbane competition gives him a personal insight into concussion management and return to play concerns for youth and professional athletes. We are privileged to have Ethan working with Upright Physiotherapy patients. His skill in managing complexity and place the patient at the center of all his care next to none. 


“My goal is to see clients moving effortlessly with speed and dexterity”


Ethan Marrinan