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Neurological conditions can impact a persons ability to move and engage in their daily lives. Symptoms are so varied that assessments can be longer to fully ascertain a possible cause. A Neurological Physiotherapist is skilled in the identification of abnormal movement that are a result of neurological pathologies. They work closely wth neurologist to ensure quick diagnosis and medical treatments if required. The symptoms like weakness, stiffness, imbalance, dizziness can be helped with quality rehabilitation. Neurological physiotherapists are experts in such rehabilitations.  


Dizziness, vertigo, spinning, imbalance are all common terms a person will use to describe a sense of movement of themselves or the world. There are many causes of these symptoms from a number different systems, including your inner ear, brain, eyes and neck. It takes a skilled vestibular physiotherapist and medical team to formally ascertain causes. While there are some quick fixes for dizziness, most require a longer rehabilitation process of eye, head and posture exercises. We use brain plasticity to improve symptoms being experienced by people to improve their quality of life. Interestingly as our hearing declines so to does our balance inner ear system, if you have hearing loss it may be very important to also have your inner ear system assessed for function! 


Not everyone recovers from a concussion. A concussion occurs when the brain experiences sudden impact from an external object like a punch or the ground. It also occurs when the head comes to a sudden stop, such as hitting a head rest in a car, and the brain continues to move so that it bounces back and forth of the inside of the skill. Concussion is a very mild brain injury that results in altered mental and mood states. Anyone who experiences a hard head knock or whiplash type injury may experience a concussion. It is very important that if you experience this type of injury that you seek immediate medical support. Most people with the correct management make a full recovery.

However a small number continue to experience ongoing symptoms that may include, fatigue,

imbalance, dizziness, pain, difficulty focusing, poor concentration. If you have ongoing symptoms or

yoursymptoms during the initial recovery are limiting your activity seeking treatment by an

experienced neurological physiotherapist who has advanced vestibular training can assist in your

optimal recovery. Those who return to sport or play without full recovery are more likely to

experience a second concussion.